24H Fitnesscenter

General terms and conditions:


Membership card, access control:

The membership card must be checked in at the card reader before each entry. During opening hours at the reception and during unattended hours at the main entrance. If the membership card is lost or defective, a fee of CHF 30.00 will be charged for replacement. When taking out a Short Member Subscription, the membership card is not included in the price. With a credit charge of CHF 50.00 we give you CHF 5.00, with CHF 100.00 we give you CHF 20.00.


Membership and membership card are personal and non-transferable. The admission of a non-member is subject to a fine of CHF 1000.00. Non-use of the services does not entitle you to a refund or reduction of membership fees. The entrance and also the observance of the house rules is checked by us with a 24-hour video surveillance system.

Contract period:

The membership does not renew automatically, but cannot be terminated prematurely during the term, even in case of health problems or other reasons. Under no circumstances will we refund the membership fee. The contract expires after the agreed time in any case. We will inform you about the conditions of the possible contract extension about six weeks before the end of the contract.

Time credits for annual members for interruptions of one to six months: The following interruptions will be credited to the member as an extension of the current subscription upon presentation of a medical certificate:

o Interruptions as a result of illness and accident

o During pregnancy

o Military/civil defense service submit marching orders

Holiday time credits for annual members for interruptions of one to six months:

Membership can be interrupted during the term of validity for a fee of CHF 20.00 for the first month, CHF 5.00 will be charged for each subsequent month. A corresponding notification must be made in advance and is only feasible for interruptions of 4 weeks or more. The timestop is only possible when the invoice has been paid.

Payments of membership fees:

The due date of the membership fees depends on the contractual agreements. If payment is not made as agreed and the member has to be reminded due to a delay in payment, the member will be charged reminder fees. All other expenses incurred in connection with the collection of overdue claims shall be borne by the member. If payment is delayed by more than one month or the terms of the contract are disregarded, Lionsoul Zurich/ Frauenfeld GmbH reserves the right to exclude the member from training.

Terms of contract:

Lionsoul Zürich/ Frauenfeld GmbH can change the terms and conditions as well as the offer and prices at any time. Members will be notified of the changes in writing. Reduction of the offer and/or the opening hours due to revision, reconstruction or mature force does not entitle to a reclaim/reduction of the membership fee. One supervised training per year is included in the Gym-Member membership, each additional supervised training costs CHF 50.00 After the acceptance meeting and introduction, the trainer decides whether the member has sufficient training experience or needs further supervised training. We reserve the right not to allow a member with insufficient training competence or health risks to train independently for the time being. The member confirms with his signature that he has received the original contract and acknowledges the content of the contract and the conditions of the house rules. Place of jurisdiction for both parties is Zurich.

Training schedule:

– The equipment must be released for another member immediately after each exercise.

– Only equipment with which you already have experience or for which you have been introduced by a fitness trainer may be used. If you feel unwell, the training must be interrupted immediately.

– Intensity and scope of exercise must be controlled independently and adapted to the state of health.

Compliance with the training orders/house rules:

The house rules, which are an integral part of the contract, must be observed. The member undertakes to use all the facilities made available to him/her properly and carefully. The member is liable for damages from improper handling. In the event of theft, disregard of staff instructions or harassment of other members, a training contract can be terminated immediately without notice by Lionsoul Zurich/ Frauenfeld GmbH. There is no right to a refund of the remaining amount.

Hygiene, clothing:

– A towel should be placed on the pads for all exercises.

– Equipment, padding and weights must be cleaned and tidied up with disinfectant after use.

– It is compulsory to wear clean clothes and clean indoor shoes.

– Food is not allowed in the training area.


– Cloakroom lockers may only be occupied during the training.

– Children are not allowed in the training room.

– Bringing and consuming alcohol, anabolic steroids and drugs is prohibited at Lionsoul Zürich/ Frauenfeld GmbH. Failure to comply will result in immediate expulsion of the member.

Disclaimer of liability:

Lionsoul Zurich/ Frauenfeld GmbH declines all liability for accidents, injuries as well as parking damages and other possible damages in connection with a training contract. Lionsoul Zürich/ Frauenfeld GmbH is not liable for stolen goods. Precautionary measures and insurance in this regard are the responsibility of the member.

Emergency management:

We would like to point out that the emergency chain is to be used fundamentally for alerting and intervening in an emergency, the instructions for this are located next to the entrance door of the men’s dressing room, next to it you will also find the fire extinguisher, the defibrillator and an emergency box with the most important aids. Use of the phone is only permitted in emergencies. The numbers for this are stored as speed dial keys in the telephone and written next to the telephone. The Lionsoul has to ensure the training competence and possible health risks. Therefore we insist on answering and signing the medical history sheet and confirming any changes in writing.