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Senso Pro

Senso Pro

SensoPro was developed by Kaspar Schmocker at the University of Bern from 2008. As part of his sports studies, he wanted to design a device that would enable coordination training under stress. With complex movements, gentle on the joints, simple and safe to use. Last but not least, training on this machine should be fun and motivating.

This has resulted in a comprehensive concept that focuses on the added value of coordination.

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For a higher instability and challenge you do all your training on the solved Swingboard.


Three different strengths serve as training support, condition expansion or targeted strengthening.

Video Kit

Program selection from beginner to professional.

Side Rails

Guarantee a permanent training safety and help you to go to your personal limits.


The treatment is based on the patient’s complaints and functional, movement or activity restrictions. For this purpose, all the necessary information about your complaints will be gathered in an acceptance meeting and a detailed physical examination will be carried out. In this first unit it is important to find out which structures or functional connections are the cause of your complaints.

The therapy is then carried out using scientifically based treatment concepts that are individually tailored to you.
Parts of this therapy are e.g. specific exercises to strengthen, stabilize and stretch the musculature as well as to improve posture and self-perception. Coordinative skills and balance are trained.

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  • Manual therapy

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  • Physical therapy

Sports Physiotherapy

The physiotherapeutic treatment of sports injuries and their rehabilitation is not only applied in top-class sports, but also in mass sports.

Whether acute injuries or chronic problems, you are in good hands with us. You benefit from our many years of experience in professional sports. We support you with our treatment concepts, so that you can resume your sport successfully as soon as possible.

Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

In our training centre you train according to the latest sports science standards in order to specifically correct muscular imbalances and habitual incorrect movement patterns.

An individual training plan is developed for each patient, based on his or her findings, in order to ensure highly effective training and the best possible response to the problem at hand. Strength, endurance, coordination and mobility are the core elements of any training.

Functional training:

This training concept is geared to a specially defined goal. The goal can be individual and meet the most diverse requirements. The goals can be in the areas of prevention, rehabilitation and sport specific training.
The quality of movement sequences, muscle functions and performance improvement in basic skills are of central importance across all sports and in everyday life. The most important goals in functional training are the stabilization of joints, stabilization of the trunk (so-called core stability) and sensorimotor functions
These goals are achieved with therapy equipment from physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy, such as cable pulley, pezzi ball, Thera-band or dumbbell. Also Dynair ball pillows, Togu-Jumper, Bosu, Multiroll, Kippelbrett, Gymstick, AeroSling or Posturomed are proven devices.
With most devices, the patient can exercise not only in the upright position, but also in very different starting positions, so that training can always take place at the individual performance limit.

TRX/Sling Training

The TRX/Sling training is a highly effective whole body workout using a non-elastic belt system, where the own body weight is used as training resistance in both standing and lying position.

As the belts of the TRX/Sling are constantly in motion during training, the small muscles close to the joints are also activated in addition to the large muscle chains. This “instability” results in a much higher training stimulus

Manual therapy:

Manual therapy is a special form of therapy in which specific grip techniques are used to examine and treat joints, muscles and nerves.

These techniques can be used for pain relief in acute and chronic pain as well as for mobilization in case of blockages or immobility (e.g. after surgery).

Manual Lymph drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is used to promote lymphatic drainage by means of manually performed, light, rhythmic grip techniques in the event of swelling in the tissue. Another effect of lymphatic drainage is the stimulation of the venous blood flow, the activation of the immune system and the general relaxation of the entire body.

Manual lymphatic drainage can be used after acute events (e.g. after injuries or operations) or also for chronic diseases that are accompanied by swelling of the tissue (e.g. venous insufficiency or after cancer).

Kinesio Tape:

The Kinesio Tape can be used for a variety of diseases and injuries. Through a variety of investment techniques, an improvement in muscle function, reduction of circulatory restrictions in the blood and lymphatic circulation, a reduction in pain or an improvement in joint function can be achieved. Taping and Kinesio-Taping is used in sports as well as in normal everyday life.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy (electro-, ultrasound therapy, thermal and cryotherapy) is usually carried out as an accompanying and supporting measure. Depending on the application, different modes of action can be achieved.

  • Pain relief
  • Improvement of the metabolism of the musculature and connective tissue
  • Muscle stimulation

According to your problem, we design a sophisticated therapy scheme that corresponds to holistic findings.