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Strength training Zurich

The strength training area. No matter whether for muscle building for the stage, as performance enhancement for competitive sports or to prevent injuries and treat them simultaneously. With us you will find everything you need. A wide range of guided machines from Technogym, for the perfect introduction to strength training.

If you already have the necessary experience, we will not keep you from our free weight area. There you will find everything from dumbbells and SZ bars to barbells. So complex exercises will not be a problem for you. Deadlifts, Squats or Bench Press. We have several benches at our disposal, flat, inclined or negative bench. If that’s not enough for you, there are still free benches by the dumbbells. The legs are also taken care of, five racks are available for you. Four free and one guided multipress. In addition there is the Keiser air pressure rack. To burn out the muscles after your training, you will also find guided Plate Loaded machines there. Chest press, shoulder press, T-Bar Row… And many more.

  • 4x Racks

  • 1x air pressure Powerrack

  • 2x free weight area

  • 4x cable pull towers

  • Dumbbels

  • Bumper Plates

  • Ketllebells

  • Technogym

  • Cardio


Ideal for maximum strength training or to prepare for strength training in case of different joint diseases. The Keiser air pressure devices are not typically used with iron weights, but with compressed air cylinders. This enables a gentle increase in load and is therefore more gentle on the joints. Peak loads on the joints are a thing of the past.


You know it, you come to the gym and the power rack for squatting is occupied. With us, that will no longer be a concern! Here you will find four power racks with safety bars – all individually adjustable, a guided multi press and an air pressure controlled power rack from Keiser – healthy eccentric training with gentle stress on the joints.

No more excuses for leg day! (Can also be used for bench press.)


In our functional area you will find a 20 meter long artificial turf, which you can use for mobilization or stretching.

Furthermore, a weight slide, a loglift and 2 tractor tires are available there. So Prowler sprints or Tyre flips are no longer a problem. Ready for strongman training?


To have enough variety in your training, you also have enough choice of training equipment. Dumbbells up to 52.5kg, SZ bars up to 45kg. Everything perfectly variable for muscle building



You can put together your own workouts and let your imagination run wild. You need to improve your sprint? Then sprint! You want to jump higher? Then jump! Or are you already experienced with the Kettlebell, the Bulgarian Bag, or the Battle Ropes? Then use it to your advantage.

If you still feel insecure or have no experience with free training, then visit our courses! The courses are led by trainers, with a maximum of 10 participants, to have full control – over each one! Courses are included in the annual membership!

As a little incentive from us, there is a “Workout of the Month”! Every month we will provide you with a new workout where you can give your all! If exercises or procedures are unknown, simply contact one of our employees.