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Fit 4 Work

Fit 4 Work for health at work!

Neck and back pain is part of our daily work routine, the reasons for this are lack of movement and poor trunk muscles. We start to automatically adopt incorrect postures because it is “more comfortable”. The phone is clamped between chin and shoulder and the leg is turned over. These are usually small factors that happen unconsciously, but can have big consequences. This leads to failures due to back pain, tension or even consequential damage. It is difficult to work with pain and concentration suffers.

With our program “Fit4Work” (company fitness) we take targeted action against these and other problems. With the different choice of courses, the employees have the possibility to respond exactly to your wishes. Maybe a hull workout? Or over the lunch break a fast but intensive training? The “Functional Endurance” course provides the most group dynamics. A whole body workout in a group where no two training sessions will be the same. Mastering tasks in a team, cheering each other on and pushing each other to their limits. From a number of four persons, we offer an individual training arrangement. So pack your work colleagues and sign up!

Each course is led by one of our trainers, so there can be no sports accidents. Correct technology and execution is our top priority. The only problem will probably be sore muscles 😉

What does this mean for your company?
– Image enhancement
– Low sickness rate
– More employee motivation
– More efficient employees
– Group dynamics in the team

The impact on employees:
– Strengthening of the musculature – posture improvement, no back problems
– Improvement of the cardiovascular parameter
– Increase in performance and quality of life
– Increase of self-confidence
– Stress Relief
– Improved collaboration

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Get out of stress. Sport helps the psyche. After a long working day, it is often difficult to get up for sport – too exhausting. Sweating in particular helps to relieve everyday stress and lift your spirits.


The group courses support you in achieving your goals through group dynamics. Grow beyond yourself by overcoming your physical and mental limits together with other athletes, friends and acquaintances. Experience the fun factor and feel the energy.


Anyone who does not keep fit at work is quickly burnt out. Our attractive programs are ideally suited to promote the health and fitness of your employees. Physical everyday complaints are combined with crises in life, work and meaning. Especially at the workplace there is the threat of high stress levels.


Fitness for body and soul. The right amount of exercise and relaxation keeps body and mind healthy. Anyone who trains a lot must also ensure the necessary balance – and supply the body with sufficient nutrients.

Clubs & Athletes

We offer you an individual preparation training

Build-up training
Strength endurance
Performance tests

Regeneration training
Endurance Training

cold chamber -85°

Different training areas are very important in competitive sports. It comes to a preparation phase or to the game season. In both phases one must be able to adjust the training in order not to have a loss of performance. We use the many areas available in Lionsoul in a targeted manner to prevent a loss of performance or risk of injury.


For example, hockey:

Let us begin with the preparation phase. Of course, it depends on the age of the players, but in order to prepare a competitive athlete perfectly, a real strength training or maximum strength training cannot be excluded. During the preparation period, movement tests and strength tests are carried out and noted.

If a player has a too weak stroke or if the goalkeeper is too slow to get into the knees, then exactly these muscles are strengthened and mobilized and this all happens under the control of a coach. During strength training, the cross-sports movement must not be missing, because otherwise the reaction will deteriorate. The body is used to work with a strength of 100%, but if this strength is increased to 120%, through proper strength training, the body must first learn to use the newly gained strength again. Therefore, in addition to a strength training / maximum strength training is always the movement of the sport, or the sport itself. In the preparation we have the necessary reserves of strength to be able to train accordingly.

The season. During the season the player suffers under the highest stress, for this reason the training has to be adjusted. Due to the stress in the games, there is no longer the possibility of a very intensive weight training, so we need a good balance. We bring this on the functional surface. High exertion produces many waste products, which the body has to break down. That’s why we stay on the functional surface during the season and improve the players’ basic endurance and sports-specific movements – in groups.

It comes to a better condition, in the ongoing season! The body works independently and can break down waste products during the game. As soon as the basic endurance is increased, with a low pulse, we can perform faster movements without our muscles over-acidifying. But why in the group? Group trainings are known for the mental strength and improvement of the ability to work in a team. The players reach a completely different limit and want to animate each other.

Is your club ready to face this preparation? And to start even better into the next season?

Then please contact us!